Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Facebook the next evil empire?

Yahoo Screen Shot
Screen shot documenting the frustrations.
After wasting hours attempting to link my Flickr photo feed and my blog feed through my Facebook profile in an effort to maximize efficiency between the various social networking sites that I use, I've come to the frustrating conclusion that Facebook continues to make it harder and harder for any such interactions to take place.

Facebook's obvious attempt to control social web interaction and content is not unlike Google's -- and Microsoft's before it -- futile attempts to monopolize the web.

Facebook is the next evil empire.

Well, that is the obvious conclusion. But Yahoo, as it turns out, is just as evil. It just tried to hijack all of my personal information and take control of my social networking when I attempted to link my Flickr (now owned by Yahoo) account to Facebook.

Spam began spitting out onto my Facebook wall. I put a quick end to that but not before probably accidentally marking one of my dear friends as a spammer in the process.

I'm afraid that in all of this excitement to interact socially in new ways, I'm destined to be locked in an eternal tug-of-war, clawing to hang onto a bit of control.